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7 Days to Die

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7 Days to Die, a survival horror building game basically in a nutshell.

Now basically if you have ever played minecraft, then you have a general idea of how the game is played, you spawn in and then begin to gather resources but with some emphasis of leveling up, doing quests and every 7 days survive a horde, and the process just keeps getting harder and harder as it progresses through various game stages, it can be played as single player or as multiplayer among friends, and I personally love the fact that this game also supports through it's engine the UNITY engine that it can have support for various platforms such as Windows, Linux and even macOS, though the latter isn't so great especially since macOS support for opengl is in the current stages of being deprecated.

Over all despite it being in perpetual alpha release stage. It remains in active development and the changes just keep getting better and better.